Croatian presidential candidate rips-off Obama branding and website

nada[Croatia] Lots of politicians have been “inspired” by Obama’s messaging, branding and marketing techniques. However, there’s a fine line between inspiration and stealing. Unfortunately, the creative team behind the visual identity and website of Nadan Vidosevic, a very popular Croatian presidential candidate, crossed that line.

If you visit the website for Mr. Vidosevic, the most obvious thing will be his logo. A square instead of a circle and another flag is the only thing that differentiates Vidosevic’s logo from that of Barrack Obama. The website is not such as blatant rip-off as the logo, but the inspiration is clearly shown in the organization, visual design and content. Mr. Vidosevic is by no means an outsider – he has a good chance to win the presidential elections. He has lead the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for years.

The agency behind the branding, Merory Rey, doesn’t hide the fact that they were heavily inspired by Obama’s campaign. In fact, in an interview for a prominent Croatian daily newspaper Jutarnji list, they say that their starting point was the candidate’s name. Nadan comes from the Croatian word “nada”, which means hope. Since Obama’s campaign is also based on hope, the team at Merory Rey feel it’s only natural that they would be “inspired”. Inspiration or a bad excuse for a design rip-off? You be the judge.

When asked directly in an online political chat room about copying Obama’s campaign, Nadan Vidošević said that he: “Doesn’t control the people that run the marketing of his campaign”. Unfortunately, most Croats haven’t really noticed the issue of visual design, hoping that Mr. Vidosevic will bring some substance.