"Duel" iPhone App Takes You Back to the Wild, Wild West. A Game that's Untouchable like Eliot Ness.

Duel Start ScreenAlex Albrecht is on Wikipedia. Therefore, he is important. Not only that, but he also made a cool iPhone app that hit the store for just $1. Cheap. Like all the other iPhone apps. Unlike most other $1 iPhone apps, this one is pretty fun.

The concept is simple: Duel enables you to host a duel on your iPhones. (Don’t fret, parental-types; though this iPhone duel will pay homage to the duels of the Wild Wild West, it will differ in one major way: nobody’s gonna get shot.) Instead, should you lose, you will simply find your fellow dueler’s ugly mug laughing hysterically in your face. Here’s how you duel: All you need is two people with two iPhones. Both need to have the app (so you could argue this app really costs $2, which is still cheap). You connect your iPhones via Bluetooth, and then you raise your phones vertically. The timer on the phones counts down from 3. Once it hits zero, you turn your phones horizontally to shoot. First one to shoot wins.

This is a freakin’ simple concept, but it is also brilliantly fun. I challenged my buddy to a game and felt like a real bad-ass when I beat him 4-2 in a best of 7 (yes, I am using MobileCrunch as a way to brag about my conquests). I think we would’ve kept playing if it weren’t for the fact that it was Christmas Eve and we were supposed to be hanging out with our families. Oops.

Alex AlbrechtOutside of this foray into iPhone app creation, Alexander Albrecht is an American television personality, actor and podcaster. He’s best known for co-hosting the former TechTV television program The Screen Savers, an hour-long computer and technology variety show, as well as the weekly Diggnation, and The Totally Rad Show. [Yes, this was lifted entirely from his Crunchbase entry. Sue me; it’s the holidays.]

You can buy Duel on the App Store here for $0.99.

P.S. If you didn’t get the headline, you need to listen to more Tupac.