Vodafone confirms they'll carry the Nokia N900 "soon"


Good news, everyone! Well, everyone in the UK. Er, everyone in the UK who wants an N900.

Vodafone has just officially confirmed by way of press release that they will be carrying the Nokia N900 “soon”. They didn’t throw in any specific dates, nor did they think to mention pricing – but one way or another, it’s coming.


Vodafone has today announced the Nokia N900 is coming soon to its UK customers. The highly-anticipated Smartphone delivers a computer-grade experience in a sleek device, with the embedded Maemo software enabling powerful multi-tasking.

The Nokia N900 enables you to customise your homescreen with four personalisable views for easy access to all your favourites, whether that’s email, music, web browsing or your most-used apps. View all this on the impressive 3.5 inch high-resolution touch-screen with 3D accelerated graphics, virtual on-screen keyboard and full side-slide QWERTY keyboard.

The Smartphone boasts a solid 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optic lens. The 32 GB expandable memory allows users to store all their favourite snaps, music and files.

For more information on the Nokia N900 handset today, visit http://shop.vodafone.co.uk/shop/mobile-phone/nokia-n900