Dazzboard Rolls Out Android Handset Support

Each time we write about Dazzboard, a browser-based syncing solution for getting photos, videos, and music onto your mobile handset, it’s pretty much a given that someone will comment that it doesn’t support their handset of choice yet. Everyone’s a critic, right?

While it still doesn’t support the much clamored-for iPhone or iPod Touch (nor does it seem likely that it will anytime soon, due to software restrictions – thanks Apple!), they’ve just added support for a different hot-ticket item: Android phones.

This is a great time for Dazzboard to strike; with the Droid having just launched last month, there is potential to snatch up the massive group of Android-newcomers who have found themselves looking for an iTunes-esque syncing solution. Out-of-the box, Android requires users to drag and drop media onto their handset’s SD card; while that should be no problem for anyone who can tie their own shoes, it’s still not the silverspoon user-friendly experience that we’ve all come to expect. Are they the only ones working on the Android syncing problem? Not at all – but Dazzboard free and easy, which certainly helps it stand out.

At launch, Dazzboard for Android supports photo, video, and music syncing. A little birdie tells us that Dazzboard is cracking away at adding application syncing/management to that list, though their are a few hurdles to overcome before that happens. While it’s trivial to add applications to Android as is (be it through the Market or the browser), getting them off requires a few too many clicks to be considered simple.

Now, if only Google would pretty things up on their end.

Dazzboard Demo Video: