NES Cartridge iPhone Dock: Ghetto-It-Yourself


Look. I’m all for the D.I.Y-spirit. I go to the Maker Faire, I randomly add LEDs to things that have no reason to have them, and I’ve voided more warranties than I can count. But this is just cheating.

When we got a tip today from reader Roland with a subject line of just “NES Cartridge iPhone dock”, I got a little bit tingly inside.

I expected a perfectly shaped dock made of disassembled NES cartridges, carefully cradling an iPhone through its syncing woes. I expected a store-bought dock, hand painted to match the stylings of an NES cartridge. You know what I didn’t expect? An NES cartridge with an iPhone cable glued through a hastily dremeled hole on top.

I’m just not feelin’ it. Maybe its because I’m crazy; maybe it’s because there appears to be nothing actually supporting the iPhone except for the pins of the cable. Think Apple would approve it for “Made for iPhone” status?

[Etsy via Geeky-Gadgets]