Makibishi: Cool interactive Ninja comic game for the iPhone


There are more than 100,000 approved apps in the App Store now, making it harder and harder to spot the really good ones. One of these apps that don’t get enough airtime (and that I viewed a demo of recently) is called Makibishi Comic (iTunes link) and is offered by Tokyo-based GungHo Works (it’s available in Japanese and English).


Makibishi is an interactive manga/action game with excellent graphics, a cool soundtrack and quirky gameplay: The objective of the game is to hunt down a total of five powerful Ninja who are hiding in different stages and to find hidden treasures along the way. Every time you defeat a Ninja boss, you advance a bit further in the story (which is told using manga-like cut scenes).



The game isn’t huge, but the ideal time-killer for fans of Japanese humor and pop culture (like me). It’s available for $0.99 in the App Store. Developer Makibishi also offers another iPhone app called Ninja Book (iTunes Link, $1.99), and their casual PC browser game “seven” is pretty weird and cool, too (all of their stuff is available in English and Japanese).

Here’s a demo video for Makibishi you should watch before you buy:

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