Verizon and iSkoot make feature phones just a little bit smarter with Social Beat


We may blather on a daily basis over which smart phone reigns supreme – but, outside of the tech world, smart phones are still the minority. Believe it or not, as many as 80% of the handsets floating around out there are basic feature phones.

Take Verizon, for example; sure, they’ve got the Droid now, but the very, very vast majority of their catalog (and presumably, their sales history) is made up of handsets none would ever call “smart”. Looking to show their feature phone-toting userbase some love, Verizon has tagged up with iSkoot to launch a free application they’re calling Social Beat. Based on iSkoot’s Kalaida platform, Social Beat brings basic access to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Email and right around 50 popular RSS feeds to handsets that would likely never have it.

This is the second major carrier launch; earlier this year, iSkoot launched a similar product called “Social Net” for AT&T.

While it’s not guaranteed to work with all of VZW’s feature phone line up, it should work just fine with the LG enV, enV2, enV3, Chocolate, Chocolate 3, and 15+ other Verizon handsets. If you’re a Verizon customer lookin’ to add a bit of smartphone flare to your otherwise lackluster piece, look for Social Beat in the “Get It Now” section of your handset.