Virgin Mobile USA expands Broadband2Go sales


While Virgin Mobile USA has been offering up a pre-paid, contract free mobile broadband service for almost half a year now, the only way to hop on board was to nab a modem at Best Buy Mobile – and, well, that just doesn’t work for everybody. Maybe you don’t have a Big Blue Box nearby; maybe you’re just not that into Best Buy. Either way, you’ll have options soon.

This morning, Virgin Mobile is announcing that they’ll be expanding sales into Radio Shack, Sam’s Club,,, and their own website beginning December 1st. Mobile broadband is one of those things that is still way too damn expensive (Hey Verizon – $15 for 75 MB? Really?!), and Virgin’s prepaid solution is one of the cheapest of the lot – if expansion means the competition starts feeling the heat and the prices start falling, we’re all for it.