Walmart bumps the Palm Pixi down to $30 right off the bat

Screen shot 2009-11-12 at [ November 12 ] 11.42.47 AM

Considering that Walmart’s already slinging the Palm Pre at $99 bucks, it might have been a bit tough for them to justify peddling the Pre’s new baby brother, the Pixi, at the MSRP of $99. So they’re not.

Right on launch day, Walmart Wireless (through their partnership with LetsTalk) has cut down the Palm Pixi’s entry fee by right around 70%, bringing it down to a nice, round 30 bucks. You’ll still need to sign on to a 2-year contract and, seeing as you’re going through an intermediary, you’ll probably get hit with an extra early-termination-fee if you bail early – but if you’re ready to lock in to the Pixi, you might as well save yourself some ducats.

[Via EngadgetMobile]