Motorola DROID causes a disturbance in Android-based web traffic


According to Web analytics company, Clicky, Motorola’s flagship DROID handset has already caused a major disturbance in the Force Android-based web traffic. The new hotness purportedly already accounts for more than 23 percent of all Android web traffic here in the States.

Not too shabby for the new kid ‘droid on the block. The less than scientific data collected by Clicky is “calculated from all mobile traffic across the 150,000+ sites that are tracked by” But still, as BGR points out, this is a pretty respectably sized sample to base some very broad generalizations on.

Just goes to show what can happen when a solid piece of hardware is paired up with the nation’s “best” 3G network and an enormous marketing budget. Definitely a good sign for Motorola and Verizon, and a fantastic indication of what Android 2.0+ is poised to do to the smartphone market, in general.

[via BGR]