Social Media Tracking Platform Viralheat Upgrades Analytics, Becomes Location Aware

Viralheat, the affordable social media measurement product that scours social video sites including YouTube, Hulu and Vimeo; blogs; websites; and Twitter to deliver real-time results of consumer generated content on these sites, is adding additional functionality to its platform, including the ability to filter content by location. We previously wrote about Viralheat here and here.

Viralheat allows you to create profiles to track an individual’s name or a company’s name across nearly 30 video sites, the web and Twitter. The platform will give you real-time streams of Tweets and mentions and even provides powerful analytics for content. Now, users can limit their results by geographical location, which can be specified by city, zip code (for US) or IP address. It can be particularly helpful for marketers who are trying to determine what areas are creating the most content and buzz about a brand or event.

The platform also includes advanced analytics for Twitter. For each Tweet about a keyword or brand, Viralheat will rank the Twitter user in terms of influence, which is determined by the number of followers the user has. The idea behind the feature is to let brand managers and PR professionals figure out the total reach of their audience. Along with this metric, Viralheat will also determine the “top influencer” based on the number of mentions and retweets, which can let brands engage with their influencers and advocates.

Viralheat is also updating its reporting and alerting to be more user-friendly. Importing analytics and statistics to Excel has become easier and the platform will also alert you if the profile you are tracking is seeing a increase in mentions or a spike in traffic. And users can now see the Compete and Quantcast traffic numbers for each blogs and websites that Viralheat aggregates mentions from.

There are similar services, including Radian6, Visible Measures, Omgili, ScoutLab, and Omniture , that offer tools to monitor blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites for mentions of a company or individual’s name. But the differentiating factor for Viralheat is its price. The site is affordable—for $10 per month, you can track 10 profiles on the site. For $40 per month, you can track 50 profiles. From big companies and brands to small businesses, this price is manageable.