Nokia Spoofs Paranormal Activity: Scariest Product Ever?

Paranormal Activity is simply the scariest movie I have ever seen. I saw it last weekend, and still get major chills when I think about it. The movie is also a phenomenon – creator Oren Peli spent $10,000 or so making the movie, and it has grossed over $33 million so far, crushing competitors who have far more screens.

And now the advertisers are jumping all over it. Trust me, this is just the beginning.

Nokia has a new site up to promote their Maemo operating system,, which has a similar camera setup to Paranormal Activity. Watch long enough and something happens (around 10 minutes).

Whatever this is, look for an official release this Thursday. My guess is Nokia wants Maemo to be known as the scariest product ever. That makes sense, right?

Update (Robin Wauters): there’s something interesting in the source code of that website. It involves finding a penguin and if you accomplish that you’re eligible to win a Nokia N900 or BH-95 headset. Here’s the PDF with the rules of the contest.

Happy hunting. (Here’s a tip: wait for the 9 minute mark on that video)