Acer announces 'beTouch' line and 'neoTouch' touch phone


Alright, so somehow this slipped under our radar for a few days, but no matter…here it is. Acer has announced a new touch screen-based phone lineup and device: beTouch and neoTouch.

It seems like Acer just can’t get enough touch these days, what with its recently announced Liquid smartie…and now this new line and phone. Both the beTouch line and the neoTouch phone have been “designed to cater for diversified targets and types of use,” and all include touch screens (ranging from 3.0″ to 3.8″).

Acer, like another handset manufacturer, has come to the realization that not all cell phone users are created equal. Some want expensive, more complex devices while others yearn for a simpler, less cluttered touch experience.

For the latter group, Acer is offering three new devices under the ‘beTouch’ name: E100, E101, and E200. All three phones are intended to bring “colour and warmth to the smartphone world” and are therefore “represented by the colour orange, chosen as it is as vibrant and joyous.” What? Anyways, all three phones run WinMo 6.5 and include a touch screen. The E200, i.e. the “fanciest” of the beTouch crew, also includes a slide-down alphanumeric keypad.

As for the new neoTouch, the phone also uses WinMo 6.5 and was designed for maximum “processing power, graphic capabilities and comprehensive connectivity.” Oh, and the neoTouch will apparently come in brown because Acer believes that “brown is a colour that evokes sophistication, taste, decisiveness and solidity.” Again, what? Apparently Acer never caught wind of all the brown Zune hate jokes.

For more, give Acer’s official product page a go.

[via MobileBurn]