Sad: Captain Lou Albano, who played Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, has died

I am so sorry, you guys. I was AFK yesterday, and no one else on Team CG thought it was important to bring you this sad news: Captain Lou Albano, who you may remember as Mario from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, passed away yesterday. He was 76.

Before his break into TV, Albano was a pro wrestling manager, which, to be fair, was a bit before my time. I look forward to reading Dave Meltzer’s obituary of Albano in the coming days. Of course, Wikipedia is your friend—it’s pretty much my only friend, as a matter of fact—if you want to learn more about his career.

But Mario! My God, who doesn’t remember that TV show? I embedded the intro here, but there’s a whole bunch of episodes on YouTube if you wanna watch.

The ludicrous thing is that the intro rap to the TV show is better than 99 percent of the hip-hop that’s out there today. Well, the “popular” hip-hop, maybe there’s some underground guy who’s really good.