Party Van!

IMAG0011I imagine most new yorkers are used to the crazy artists than run around the Village. I’m not quite that jaded yet, so I still have to stop and stare at something like this. If you feel like wasting fifteen minutes of your day, come take a look.

I was walking next to Washing Square Park when was stopped by these two very strange creations. One van seems to have close to every film camera ever made located somewhere on the body. You Polaroid nerds can fact check it for me. Some of them work, letting this guy act like his own Google Maps crew. The camera van homepage has a full bio.


The other is a van covered completely in brass trinkets. Belt buckles, coins, diving helmets, statues, daggers, everything. Guess the story is that these guys are promoting the independent film Automorphosis from coast to coast. Check the link for screening info if you’d like.