Verizon's BlackBerry Storm2 Competitive Comparison chart leaks out


Man, you’ve gotta love these things. I’ve yet to see one of these leak out showing any shortcomings for the primary device – but I guess that’s really the point. It’s not so much a comparison chart as it is a “You should probably avoid talking about stuff outside of this list” chart.

Anyway – the chart up above is purported to be the one that VZW employees will be studying for the sake of pitching the Storm2. There’s some interesting stuff going on; for example, they chose to compare the Storm2 to an iPhone 3G, rather than a 3GS – which is weird, considering that the only difference that would reflect in this list is that the 3GS’ camera is 3 megapixels rather than 2. At 3.2 megapixels (with flash), the Storm2 would still have it beat.

Good job diggin’ this one up, CrackBerry.