GelaSkins now printing custom skins for iPhones, BlackBerry, and more

Screen shot 2009-10-13 at [ October 13 ] 10.04.04 AM

Oh hell yes. Custom GelaSkins. This is something I’ve wanted since I was slapping GelaSkins on a Helio Fin two years ago.

For those who might be unaware, GelaSkins are fairly durable removable “Skins” (read: stickers) that you can slap onto your device to make them more “you” whilst adding a bit of protection. Up ’till this point, though, however “you” your device was was limited to how well the images in GelaSkin’s catalog matched your tastes. While they’ve got a pretty awesome inventory of artwork (mostly made up of robots and emo girls with funny proportions), there’s nothing quite as “you” as an image you provide – and now you can do just that.

It’s crazy simple: upload your image, rotate/scale it, and bam – you’re all set to order. Think CafePress, but instead of putting funny pictures of your dog on a t-shirt, you’re putting funny pictures of your dog on your iPhone. But here’s our favorite part: custom skins cost the same amount as the preset skins always have. They could have easily thrown in a premium fee for the custom one-off work here, but they didn’t. If the standard version of the skin cost $14.99, so will a custom print. Awesome.

We’ll try to get a review of these custom skins up within the next few days.

Check out the GelaSkins Custom Creator here.