Sony Ericsson partners with Comverse for visual voicemail

comverse-vv-seEarlier this morning Comverse announced a new partnership with Sony Ericsson to bring visual voicemail to future SE handsets. Ever since a certain mobile device (hint: starts with “i” and ends with “phone”) hit the mobilesphere, consumers have been clamoring for visual voicemail on other cell phones / carriers. Slowly, but surely, the incredibly convenient feature has begun to spring up.

But don’t just take our word for it. According to the press release:

Visual voicemail’s global popularity is growing because it enhances the traditional voicemail experience. All voicemail messages are displayed in an in-box, whose email-like interface provides such key information as date, time, length of message, caller number and identity, when available. Users can scan the messages, click to hear new and previously heard messages in any order, and then reply, forward, or save messages.

“Because of visual voicemail’s global appeal, it has become a high priority to make the service available on new handsets,” said Chief Marketing Officer John Bunyan at Comverse, the world’s leading supplier of software and systems enabling value-added messaging and content services, converged billing and active customer management, and IP communications.

“Our strategic cooperation with handset leaders like Sony Ericsson,” Bunyan said, “helps ensure that new handsets can offer the most attractive and user-friendly visual voicemail experience to the broadest number of people.”

Noticeably absent from the release was any info regarding availability or the mention of any specific devices. Guess we’ll all just have to keep our eyes peeled. No matter…hooray for visual voicemail!