Man threatens to shoot his iPhone in the middle of the Apple Store


Okay, everyone. Time for a pop quiz! Lets say your iPhone is totally ruining your day. Maybe the battery is flaking out; maybe you dumped a gallon of soda on it just to see what would happen. Regardless, you pop into the Apple Store to try and get things worked out. Now, what would you do next?

Do you:
A) Calmly ask for assistance, spend some time at the Genius Bar, and most likely walk away with your questions answered?
B) Skip over those smug Genius Bar dudes, and go straight to a manager?
C) Threaten to shoot your iPhone, and show the 9mm you have concealed?

Now, if you’re using process of elimination, the first one out would probably be option C. Unless you’re this guy. Then you’ll just go ahead and run with option C right out of the gate.

While talking with one of the brightly-shirted Apple employees, this guy (allegedly) stated that he was so mad that he could “pop a 9mm in it” – and then lifted his shirt to show his 9mm. The cops were called, and the guy was hauled away.

Gun control isn’t the issue here– this guy had a permit for the weapon, but was still willing to flash his gun in a crowded environment. This was just a bad, bad decision. Someone take his gun — and his iPhone — away.