New bags from Booq look tasteful and functional

I admit it, I have a thing for bags. They’re like precision instruments if you have a few with different capabilities: one for groceries, one for books, one for cameras, and one for laptops. These new bags from Booq are about as attractive as they come, perhaps only outdone by Acme Made’s excellent shoulder bags. If you’re looking for a new backback or bag, check out their latest lineup.

The Boa Squeeze ($100) is what I guess you’d term a “laptop backpack,” something I’ve never really taken a shine to, but it is a good-looking little thing. Just big enough for your laptop, some cords, and a couple accessories. Its bigger cousin, the Boa Flow ($200), is more of an all-purpose tech laptop, with tons of little pockets and room for a DSLR, laptop, and tons of extra stuff. It’s more bulky, of course, and less cool-looking, but if you’ve got to carry a lot of stuff, it looks like it’ll get the job done.

My pick of the litter, since I’m a shoulder-bag kind of chap, is this Nerve ($150). This new larger version will hold up to a 15″ laptop (just right for me) and has an integrated, removable laptop sleeve, for what good that’ll do you. Looks roomy but seems like it ratchets down pretty tight, unlike my Manhattan Portage bag, which holds a ton of stuff but doesn’t really hold it in place.

They’re a bit expensive, but they look pretty well-made, and you can’t argue with the style unless you don’t like understated. If I didn’t already have a stable of bags like these at my disposal, I’d pick one up.