Tabletop gaming hits the silver screen

m1080034_image_devastator_artAnyone who plays Warhammer 40K knows how much work goes into your army. The modeling, the filing, the painting, on and on and on. Then you send hours compiling your army list, carefully pack the Emperor’s superhuman servants in foam, take them down to the local game shop, and for what? To have them destroyed by heretics, foul xenos, and unsupervised kids. Such is the glory of tabletop gaming.

Codex Pictures, the same company that brought us LEGO BIONICLE, announced that they will be putting the Emperor’s finest into a 70-minute CGI thriller. The news came at UK Game Day to thousands of Games Workshop enthusiasts. Erik Mogensen, Licensing and Acquired Rights Manager for Games Workshop, stated, “We’re working closely with the talented team at Codex Pictures, who have an excellent understanding of the Warhammer 40,000 intellectual property and an inspired vision for the movie. We can’t wait to see our universe come to life on-screen.” The picture is titled Ultramarines. Check the link for latest news.

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