Got $240,000 and no sense of shame? Check out this BlackBerry.


Lets say you’ve got way, way too much money. You’ve dumped it out of planes, shot it out of cannons, swam in it Scrooge McDuck style – but now you’re bored. What else is there to do?

Well, if you also happen to have absolutely no sense of shame, you can drop some (read: $240,000) of that cash on a fully glitzed BlackBerry Curve 8900. First, they replaced the outer casing with solid 18-carat gold – then, because that wasn’t enough, they went ahead and decked it out with 4,459 brilliant cut diamonds.

The company behind the bling, Alexander Amosu LTD., says that they’ll only be pushing out three of these – one of which has already been snatched up. Hey, mystery buyer – wanna hang out?

[CIO via CrackBerry]