Tokyo Game Show trailers: The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy XIV

Despite Serkan’s disappointment at the lack of anything particularly new at TGS, there’s still a good amount of new gaming info coming out of there. While the newest and coolest stuff isn’t playable just yet, there are some pretty compelling trailers for the games we’re all looking forward to in 2010.

First, I have to put The Last Guardian here, because I know that game is going to be absolutely fantastic. This is more of a light interview and a brief cinematic scene rather than a new trailer, but I’ll take what I can get.

Next is Final Fantasy XIV. The graphics look better than XI but certainly nowhere near XIII. That’s to be expected from an MMO. Still, this brand-new world they’re bringing in will probably be the cradle for a lot of interesting new games.

Last is PixelJunk’s Shooter. I highlighted this before but this trailer shows off even more cool gameplay mechanics, like picking up chunks of ice or working with a partner. This game just looks beautiful and original — between FF XIII, Valkyria Chronicles and this, I may just have to pick me up a PS3 Slim.