Moto Cliq pre-orders to begin on October 19th?


This pamphlet, purportedly leaked fresh from someone in the know at T-mobile, is fantastic for two reasons. For one, it says “298 minutes away from cake.” which, while we have no idea what the hell it means, sounds intriguing. Beyond that (and that’s really the primary draw here), it also happens to list the pre-order date for Moto’s new Android-powered baby, the Cliq.

As TmoNews points out, the October 19th pre-order date fits right in place. Other rumors indicated that this thing would hit the shelves on November 2nd, so a mid-October pre-order window would give them just enough time to hype it up, get some orders, and get the units onto delivery trucks.

The last leaks pin this thing at 400 bucks sans contract, and mind-blowingly free if you’re willing to sign up for 2 years. If that latter detail ends up true, expect these things to soar right off the shelves.