iPod nano, touch and Classic get a price cut from Apple


Apple just reaffirmed the theory that new iPods will be announced today by cutting the price of every iPod except the Shuffle. The 32GB touch is now $279 down from $399, the 16GB is now $249 down from $299, and the 8GB model is $189 instead of $229. Also, the 8GB nano is now $129 and the 16GB is $149. And while the rumor is that the Classic will be cut from the team today, it is now cheaper at $229 instead of $249. New models are coming, but why the price drop instead of just shifting the inventory to the clearance department when the models are announced later today?

Well, remember that rumor that the new iPods could be delayed? It’s probably true and Apple needs to do something to appease its waiting masses. A modest price drop will likely get some folks to jump while others wait for the new models to because available. As of late when Apple announces new iPods, they have been available immediately at Apple Stores and online, but that might not be the case today. We’ll find in a bit.