Blizzard has defeated the Door Boss!


Good news, everyone. It looks like Blizzard has finally defeated the Door Boss. That is, you should no longer, or not as frequently, run into the “additional instances cannot be launched” glitch. It truly is a time for celebration.

You’ll recall that, last Tuesday, there was an awful lot of server downtime, certainly more than one would expect on a Tuesday. (Tuesday, for the non-World of Warcraft players in the house, is set aside for regularly scheduled maintenance. Servers are typically down all morning.) You could go so far as to say it ruined my life! Well, it was during that extra long, extra tortuous downtime that Blizzard put a series of buffs on its equipment. The resulting buffs—upgrades. I’m trying to be cute here—have made it so that we can actually run instances. Rejoice!

This was a big problem on Aggramar last week. You try to run SFK or WC or whatever (my latest character is still only level 28) and you’d run into that dreaded, “cannot launch any more instances” glitch. So you’d stand there for many, many minutes, running in and out of the door, trying to launch the instance. It wasn’t fun, no.

So, with the servers upgraded, have we seen any results? I know I was able to enter Gnomer last night no problem, which is one tally in the anecdotal evidence column!