Goin' green: the Solar Surge iPhone battery pack

nt01-m_green-02Everyone is trying to be more environmentally responsible these days. Cars, houses, now even phone chargers are getting in on it. Most people still don’t realize that the wall chargers that come with many devices these days consume roughly the same amount of power whether a device is plugged into them or not. The Solar Surge aims to at least help the iPhone/iPod Touch user be a little greener.

Novalink’s Solar Surge is a combination external battery/solar charger/iPhone case. Inside the little green package is some pretty sweet tech, including a 1500mAh lithium ion battery which will essentially double your iPhone’s battery life, and can be charged via USB 2.0 or the solar panels on the back. Leave the case in the sun for a couple of hours (unplug your phone, though! Even if your iPhone doesn’t explode, that’s a quick way to get jacked) and you should get about 30-60 minutes of talk time, depending on which generation phone you are using.

The best part is, this is a official licensed product, so you needn’t be concerned about it frying your phone. Expect it to retail later this year for $69.99.

[via Gizmodo]