Remember the Game Gun? The guy is taking preorders on the final version!

I love this! A guy cobbles together something totally cool in his own home, it blows up on the internet, and now he’s (apparently) got backing and it’s working with every console and the PC. Yes, apparently you will be able to buy the GameGun in a retail package by Christmas, though pricing hasn’t been announced. I’m hoping that since the “TheRedneckTechie” isn’t a major corporation, he won’t be trying to ding us too hard for this thing. If I’m reading him right, he just wants everybody to have one because it’s awesome.

The order page will be here
(for all his engineering skill, his web design is a little dated), and he has this to say compatibility-wise:

We are getting ready to take orders. Unit is definitely compatible with OS/2 + and thanks to one youtube user. This is a standard mouse and keyboard so I think it may be Mac compatible also. I need a Mac – But, I’m a PC. I’ll look into that…

In the meantime you can enjoy some concept sketches and videos of him saying “Wireless game gun!” And of course, this image:

[via Reddit]