Sexy S T R E T C H shelf is basically a giant rubber band

You can always use a few more shelves in your life, right? And this one is not only original and cool-looking, but (dare I say it) flexible as well. Because it’s rubber! I’m such a card!

peteoyler3_rect540It is nice-looking, though, that’s no joke. And you can rearrange the pegs, so it really is flexible. I wonder, though, doesn’t it have a bit of a design flaw there?

I mean, if you have it on your wall the way it’s shown, all the weight is on the top peg, minus a little bit being put sideways onto the lower pegs. If they rate the shelf as holding fifteen pounds, for example, that’s probably only if it’s evenly distributed among the three pegs. I’d think carefully about the physics before I put anything in there. The four-peg approach looks more stable, though.

It’ll cost around $120, but don’t expect to see it in your local Ikea. It was created by Pete Oyler for a design showcase and probably will only be in boutique stores.