Alltel launches the Samsung Glint, the world's most generic flip phone


Fun fact: I do believe this is the most basic phone we’ve ever written about on MobileCrunch. Really. The press release is all of five sentences, and the specs sheet rattles off “VGA Camera”, “Messaging”, “Stereo Bluetooth”, and then realizes its own futilility and gives up.

Have you ever noticed that Samsung can sell the same phone for 8 years? Sure, they strip things down and repackage it all in a fresh body – but really, it’s the same phone. Hell, even the name “Glint” is recycled; Samsung used it for the Sprint m610 flipphone way back in 2006.

Fun fact #2: With a 2 megapixel camera and a QVGA display, the Glint from 2006 actually had better specs than the Glint from 2009. However, Glint 1 cost $180 bucks – Alltel doesnt even both mentioning a price, here. I’m pretty sure they’ll give you a box of them for free if you just smile at them.