Nokia Rover/N900 gets caught on camera, preview coming soon. [UPDATED]


There it is, folks, in what appears to be final form: the Nokia N900, otherwise known as the Rover or RX-51 – and boy, does it look gorgeous. We broke the news of the N900 back in May, and the final hardware appears to match inch-for-inch with the concept image we drew up at the time.

Eldar Murtazin of Mobile-Review has been trickling out screenshots of the N900’s operating system, Maemo 5, for the past day or so, and now we know where he might have gotten them: right off his own N900. We’ve got no idea how he pulled it off (though such feats aren’t uncommon for this guy), but Eldar has somehow managed to wrangle up an N900 of his very own, a full two weeks before the handset is expected to be announced at Nokia World. According to his twitter stream, we can expect a full preview sometime before the day is out.

Update: Mobile-Review’s preview is now up. Hardware shots, Maemo screenshots – it’s all there. They do say they left “some bread” for Nokia to announce at Nokia World, so expect to see more soon.