Twicli adds a ton of requested features, with more to come

Yesterday, Twicli, the photo and video sharing utility for Twitter, rolled out a set of new features. There’s now audio support, you can tag friends in photos and a friend activity feature helps you keep track of what others are up to.

There’s a new “multimedia tweet box” which gives you more control over how your tweets appear and “mixed content sets” that enable you to tweet a single link to multiple items. Twicli’s profile pages also look more like Twitter’s now, since they’re importing your background and avatar.

And there’s more to come: tagging people in video and audio will be available soon, along with Facebook integration, an API and an iPhone app. I don’t use the service myself, but I’m getting some good feedback about it from others. For more information, you can follow @TwicliStaff on Twitter or drop the guys at Twicli an email.