Bing, Twitter, And A Backpack Full Of Cash (Hopefully For Beer)

picture-219You gotta hand it to the Bing guys, they just don’t stop coming up with kooky ideas to drive interest in their little search engine (or whatever you want to call it) that could. The latest is a new contest starting tomorrow on Twitter that will see one winner a day walk away with a Bing backpack and a $500 Visa cash card to use for back-to-school shopping.

But reading over the fine print, it doesn’t appear that you need to use the money for back-to-school shopping. And in fact, the rules state that you have to be over 18 to enter the contest, so unless parents are doing it for their kids, or it’s all college kids entering, it doesn’t really seem all that student-friendly. And that’s good, because it will increase my chances of winning and using the $500 on something more desirable than protractors — like maybe beer.

Here’s how the contest works: Starting tomorrow, the Bing Cashback Twitter account will start tweeting out trivia questions. Anyone who @replies back the correct answer within an hour, is then eligible to win the money for that day.

This is a good idea by Bing because the trivia will be Bing Shopping and Cashback-related, so basically you have to use Bing to find the answer. And you are required to use the #cashbackpack hashtag in your public tweet to ensure others will start following the content. Not to mention that you will have to be following the @bingcashback account closely all 7 days to see when it asks its question.

Unfortunately, this contest is only open to those in the U.S.

Come on Bing, beer me.

[photo: flickr/elvissa]