Socialseek Lets You Track The Social Goodness Of Brands Online

Socialseek has released a desktop application that lets you search for a topic, item, brand or company across news sites, blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and events. You can also track mentions of a particular search query by city and receive charts that show trends on popularity of a topic across websites, or Twitter.

The ability to crawl social media sites and websites for a brand can be valuable, but what I find useful about Socialseek is the ability to track an item over image sites like Flickr and even event sites. And it’s also interesting to be able to limit chatter over the web about a particular topic to a geographical region or city.

Socialseek could be popular in the enterprise space, especially as Twitter has become an essential marketing tool for brands and companies. The app runs on Adobe Air, which I find to have some strange UI quirks and bugs and ends up using good amount of resources on computers. Competitors to Socialseek include Viralheat and Peoplebrowsr, which both help marketers track the buzz around a certain individual or brand on social media sites and web sites.