The Helsinki Meet-up: The Aftermath


I’m pleased to report that no one dressed up in coveralls and hats at the TC/CG Helsinki meet-up at A21. The turnout was fantastic – about 100 or so folks at 8pm on a Tuesday – and everyone either worked for Nokia, contracted for Nokia, or sold their children into servitude in Nokia’s diamond mines in the heart of Northern Troll country.

Special thanks to F-Secure, the anti-virus company and the Mothership herself for sponsoring a few hours of drinks. I heard a lot of great pitches – please send me more information when you get settled – and met a lot folks who were quite excited about start-ups and the start-up scene. Special thanks to Ville and the boys at Arctic Startup, the TechCrunch of the Tundra.

Click through for some pictures and look for more information about these great folks in the next few weeks.