ZEN MX: Japan gets a new and expensive Creative media player


Creative Japan today announced the ZEN MX [JP], a portable media player that will be available in Nippon starting at the beginning of next month. The company plans to offer an 8GB (ZN-ZMX8G-BK) and 16GB (ZN-ZMX16G-BK) model, both featuring a 2.5-inch LCD screen with 320×240 resolution.

The player supports audio files in MP3 and WMA, video in CMV/WMV/DivX and pictures in JPEG format. Weighing just 66g, it’s sized at 83.2x55x11.9mm and comes with SD/SDHC and USB interfaces.

Creative plans to sell the 8GB version for $100 in Japan, while the 16GB model will cost $140. The player is compatible to Windows XP and Vista only.