Slush Mug lets you make Slushees at home

slush mug

If you like Slushees but you hate the inconvenience of getting out of your car, entering your local convenience store, and paying upwards of two dollars, might I suggest the Slush Mug, a $10 mug with a freezable core that allows you to make your own slushalicious treats at home with just six hours of prep time and another six minutes of stirring.

If you’re die-hard enough to buy this thing, you should probably buy two or three because you have to freeze the “Glaciercore” mug insert before each use. Then you just pour in your favorite bevarine and stir it for six minutes. That’s a long time, considering the average American’s attention span is — hey, is that a dog?! Oh, wait, it’s just a plastic bag. I thought it was a dog but it’s not. That bag sure was blowing around! If it was a dog it probably would have barked or sniffed something. Bags don’t do that.

Where was I? Oh. Slush Core. The mug thing. You can buy one for $10. You can’t use diet pop, though, because something weird happens with the artificial sweetner. Here’s a video!

Slush Mug: Create a slushee at home in minutes [Vat19 via TechEBlog]