CrunchDeals: Babylon 5 complete series for $105

Babylon 5You guys like your Babylon 5, do ya? Today only, you can get the whole series on DVD for just over a hundred bucks. That’s 30 discs in all, spread out over five seasons equalling 80+ hours of content.

I, myself, have never seen a single episode, which probably dings my geek cred immensely. As an olive branch, here’s what one of the people in the customer reviews section at Amazon suggests for everyone to watch in order to get the full Babylon 5 experience:

1. Watch the B5 movie “The Gathering”

The Babylon 5 pilot movie The Gathering was originally broadcast in 1993 a full year ahead of the regular show.

2. Season 1

3. Season 2

4. Season 3

5. Watch Season 4 up to episode “The illusion of truth”

6. Watch the B5 movie “Thirdspace”

7. Season 4: continue with episodes 9-22

8. Watch Season 5 up to episode “Objects at Rest”

9. Watch the B5 movie “River of Souls”

10. Watch the B5 movie “In the Beginning”

This is a prelude set 10 years before Babylon 5. Against the logic of the title, I would strongly recommend seeing it at this stage. Should one see it before Season 1, much of the suspense in the main series would be ruined.

11. Watch the B5 movie “A Call to Arms”

This movie lays the groundwork for the spin-off TV series “Crusade”.

12. Season 5: watch final episode “Sleeping in light”

13. Watch Crusade Series

So that oughta eat up at least a long weekend or two. Enjoy!

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