Last day for Fallout bundle on Good Old Games


This is the final boarding call for Good Old Games Flight 1437 with service to Fallout. (Boo.)

Right, so today’s the last day you can buy Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics from Good Old Games for $14.37. That’s three quality games for less than the price of one of those Fallout 3 DLCs on Xbox Live. I bought the bundle yesterday, and Fallout runs just fine on Windows XP (that’s installed on my MacBook via Boot Camp.)

And you don’t need to be one of those crazy No Mutants Allowed guys to know that, yeah, the games are totally worth the money.

GOG also throws in a few bonus items when you buy the bundle, including desktop backgrounds and a few MP3s. Oh, and the Fallout Bible.

The sale ends at midnight EDT.

At ease.