Review: Mountain Dew Throwback [Update]


Chances are you have heard via the Intertubes that Pepsi is bringing back natural sugar soda. My friends, I have good news: it’s wonderful. I just had my first 20oz bottle of Mountain Dew Throwback, and was pleasantly surprised at the difference. Seriously, it’s different! and better! ZOMG!

The first thing I noticed was how smooth the carbonated soda went down. It’s not nearly as harsh as the standard type and I’m sure peeps who aren’t avid Mountain Dew drinkers will appreciate the difference.

Also, the aftertaste. It’s more natural and clean. Hell, even my burps taste different. I LOVE IT.

Too bad that Pepsi is only going to produce these drinks this summer ’cause I, for one, am convinced that natural sugar soda is better than the corn syrup crap. Why haven’t this type been produced all along? It must be some sort of corn conspiracy. Someone needs to get to the bottom of this.

Update: Where did I get this wonderful beverage? Just my local gas station. Check yours. Chances are if it’s not there, it will be shortly.