Angelina Jolie loves her Palm Pre


Know who doesn’t have a Palm Pre? Me. Or you, most likely. Know who does? Angelina Jolie.

Presumably one of many celebrities currently touting Palm’s not-so-secret weapon, Jolie was recently spotted on the set of an upcoming flick with a Pre in tow. When the LA Examiner asked her about it, she “went on about it for about two minutes.” The goods? She likes the software (“better than the iPhone”), and the keyboard. The bad? The screen scratches easily.

This is the second pre-release report we’ve heard indicating that the Pre’s screen might be a bit scratch-prone. Come on, Palm: iPhone users post videos of themselves pitting their glass screens against razor blades and keys for fun. Can we get a screen protector in the box, at least?

(Oh, and if you’re wondering about the image to the right: Angelina Jolie is not tiny, and the Palm Pre is not huge. We’re just horrible with Photoshop.)

[Via PreCentral]