Sweet spreadsheet grill eliminates BBQ turf disputes

Here in Seattle, whenever we have barbecues (yes, make a rain joke, but I had one on the beach a week ago), we tend to have vegetarians present. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Some of my best friends are vegetarians. It’s just that we have to be careful in parsing out the grill space, so no one gets pig matter on their birdseed burger. And it doesn’t always work out. This amazing invention, possibly the greatest of all time, eliminates that problem entirely. Veggies A1 through C18! What can I say, I guess I just Excel at cooking outdoors!

Okay, that was uncalled-for. But puns are just in my nature, boys and grills.

Unfortunately, it’s just a concept right now. But you better believe we’ll let you know the second this thing goes real. Of course, you could always fabricate one. Of course, then you’d be cooking with brass.

[via Neatorama]