Dumpy $25 boombox beats out high-end stereos


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the $25 Tesco Value MC-907, the winner of UK’s Annual Reevoo Customer Choice Awards 2009 in the Hi-Fi Systems category. It beat out the second-place $275 Roberts Sound MP43 and the third-place $150 Sony MHC-EC78PI. The awards are based entirely on owner reviews, which goes to show you that either people in the UK have terrible hearing or nobody gives a hot tamale about paying for a name brand stereo.

The Tesco returned an average review of 9.31, followed by the Roberts at 9.27 and the Sony at 9.16. It apparently beat out a few much higher-priced systems (like around $1000 and up) as well. Also of note is that the $400-ish Samsung NC10 netbook took second place in the laptop category behind the aluminum MacBook.

The Tesco Value MC-907 isn’t available in the US, but you should be able to find something comparable at Walgreens the next time you need to pick up something for that rash.

[IT News Online via Gizmodo]