ZuneHD details "confirmed"

If I didn’t know better, I might think that the Zune team was trying to create a buzz. The ZuneHD peek-a-boo show continues, with some rather drool-inducing specs being thrown around. Apparently Microsoft has confirmed a few, probably by not saying they won’t be in the unannounced device. Off the record. But anyway, Tegra? Check. OLED? Check. Xbox 360 integration? Maybe-check.

Here’s what the latest rumors are putting inside this cryptogadget:

  • OLED touchscreen ~3.6 inches (very sharp, maybe even 720p?)
  • Nvidia Tegra chipset (probably a better version of what powered this thing)
  • HDMI out, Wi-Fi, and of course probably USB
  • HD radio (that would be nice)
  • Flash and HDD flavors, from 4GB to 120GB
  • Limited edition sexy dock
  • Questionable:

  • Camera (doubt it)
  • Xbox integration (would be nice)
  • Windows Mobile 7-ish interface?

It sounds a bit like a wish list to me, but if Microsoft really wanted to change the game, this would be a hell of a device. The idea is that it’d going to get a big-ass debut late this Fall, internationally.

But will it ship with a clock?