Take the noodleslide to Brothtown

I’m not sure whether that headline sounds more like an extremely rude dismissal or a terrifying bedroom practice. Either way it’s not accurate — I meant it literally, at least if you can consider a bowl to be a town for broth. This crazy kitchen doodad for kids and noodle enthusiasts fires your noodles out of a little noodle house, which then travel down a slide to a tiny bowl at the bottom. It’s battery-powered and utterly insane.

Bandai recommends “water” in the press release as the sliding medium, but I think broth would work equally well, assuming you want to clean it out afterwards. Catching the noodles looks like a slippery business &mdsah; is this how people get so good with chopsticks?

The “toy,” or “elite noodlemaster training station,” will be available on the 18th in Japan. Price is 8400 yen, or around 85 dollars.

[via Impress Watch, Tokyo Mango, and Neatorama]