Lenovo gets into PMP game with touchscreen MRT800

PMPs are perhaps more popular on the other side of the Pacific, but they’re picking up here among people who perhaps don’t want to take up their phone or mp3 player’s memory with a bunch of movies. Lenovo you probably associate with Thinkpads and other quality laptop products, but like most electronics companies, they’re always itching to get into another market. In this case they’re dipping their toes into PMPs, and I have to say that this thing isn’t a bad show for their first try.

The MRT800 (Chinese) is of the “all screen” variety of devices, although there are a plethora of inputs and stuff around the edges, as behooves one of the versatile East Asian breed of PMP. The touchscreen is a disappointing 480×272, but it supports most of the formats you can think up, including FLV. Good, is anyone else tired of transcoding? It’s got a MicroSD slot for storage — not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Of course, it really comes down to the interface and fun factor to see whether this thing is any good, and with luck it’ll be coming to the US for us to play with.

[via GenerationMP3, Gadget Review, and SlashGear…phew]