I want to install your NIN iPhone app like an animal


Hey, pig: Never let it be said that Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails doesn’t know how to program a mean iPhone/Touch app. Their latest effort in fan outreach, which should appear this week, is basically a music, video and image browser with a number if connectors to NIN.com, the band’s website. In short, it turns a band’s already existed social network and fan base into a portable social army and offers all of NIN’s music for streaming on the go for free.

The app also finds NIN friends nearby and then allows you to chat with other NIN fans and share images and profile information with them online.

Wired has a big fat interview video with Reznor, Rob Sheridan, and, in a special nerd cameo, Kevin Rose.

All of this came about when Reznor left his Interscope contract, allowing him to do odd things like “giving away music” and “listening to his fans.” It seems he’s making enough money offering free music and apps and this is just one more step in the ultimate NIN world domination.