Acer: "Yeah, we've got an Android desktop prototype, what about it?"

android-art_537x496Acer’s always ready for the next thing. Most recently they’ve jumped into weird TV-mounted consoles, and now word is getting around that they’re checking out Android as a possible desktop OS. I think we all know that’s probably not a good idea, but it’s at least something interesting to check out. It isn’t likely they’ll ship any kind of real computer with Android as the main OS, but let’s use our imaginations. Maybe a sort of RedFly for Android phones? A low-power mode with basic apps using an mutant Android? Why not?

There isn’t really a lot of other information, other than that the prototype isn’t fit for public consumption yet. Of course, they’re not the first to try this, but I see Acer doing it before HP. The rumored T-Mobile 7-inch tablet seems like both the most likely and the most useful variation. I’d definitely gank one of those.