New Samsung displays practically eliminate the bezel

I can’t be the only one who thinks this is totally awesome. With a multi-monitor setup, the bezel is the biggest obstacle to feeling your desktop is one long, continuous space. And on TVs, it’s often the least aesthetically pleasing part of the TV: a logo, buttons, a weird color that draws attention away from the image. Samsung’s new displays all but remove the bezel, and surprisingly they are also equipped with built-in XP systems.

The displays are 1366×768, which at 46 inches isn’t exactly over-sharp. With 3000:1 brightness and an 8ms response time, it should be fine for video as long as you don’t need 1080p. I can’t wait until they make monitors like this.

But what’s with the embedded XP? That seems utterly insane until you consider that the less wires and junk you have going to and from a wall-mounted display, the better. So this thing will have a weak little PC built-in so all you have to do is plug it in and set up your slide show program with a wireless mouse. The 460UTn has the built-in functionality, but the 460UTn-UD just comes with software that lets you configure multi-monitor displays. I get the feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of these at trade shows.