"Radiforce" 56-inch monitor sports 3840×2160 resolution

Now before you start freaking out about how awesome Starcraft 2 would look on this thing, please to remember that not only are there hardly any video cards that can output in 3840×2160, but even if you had one, it’d probably be running at about 5 frames per second. That’s pushing a lot of pixels. The enormous monitor is ostensibly for medical imaging, where huge high-res images like digital X-rays or the like can span multiple monitors at full resolution. Of course, we all know that every hospital that gets one of these is probably sneaking in rounds of Goldeneye in-between surgeries.

In something this big, I’d be concerned about response time, and indeed it isn’t mentioned, which suggests it’s out of the normal range (but better than LCDs of years past, likely). But its field of view (176 degrees), luminance (450cd/m^2) and contrast ratio (1200:1) are all perfectly decent.

It’ll be available July 1st (likely in Japan only), so be sure to include on in the budget for your department.